St Mary's Pool

Adult and Child 

Awards: Starfish 1-6, Duckling Grades 1, 2 and 3

Aims: Children work alongside the teacher and accompanying adult to instil a love of water and to build confidence in the water. Teaching aids include floats, woggles, songs and games.

Pre-School Non Swimmers

Awards: Duckling grade 4 or Puffin

Aims: Children who have attended Adult & Child lessons are helped to become completely water confident. 

Pre-School Beginners

Awards: LTS 1 / I can swim 

Aims: Children who can swim 3 meters on either their back or front are introduced to basic stroke technique. 


Non Swimmers

Awards: LTS Stage 1 / puffin

Aims: To become water confident, learn to swim unaided on both front and back and to understand pool rules.

Beginners 1 

Award: 5m

Aims: Children will be introduced to stroke technique and a main focus will be on developing a good body position.  Breaststroke leg kick is also introduced.

Beginners 2 

Award: WS 1 

Aims: Children will develop the arm technique as well as being introduced to breathing. Breaststroke leg kick continues to develop with the introduction of the arm action.  Butterfly kick is also introduced.

Beginners 3 

Award: 10m 

Aims: Front crawl breathing is developed and breaststroke technique is a key focus. 

Improvers 1 

Award: LTS 2 / 15m

Aims: To improve stroke technique and stamina in all 3 strokes.

Improvers 2 

Award: LTS 3 / 20m

Aims: To continue to improve stamina and stroke technique in all 3 strokes and continue to practice the butterfly leg action. Skills such as sculling are introduced. 

Improvers 3 

Award: LTS 4 / WS 2

Aims: To introduce the children to circuits whilst maintaining good stroke technique, getting them ready for Mayfield. The butterfly arm action is also introduced.